RESIDENTS in East Renfrewshire are being urged not to attempt to ‘save’ swans on icy ponds.

The Scottish SPCA said it has received calls from members of the public regarding birds they mistakenly fear are stuck in ice.

A spokesperson for the animal charity pointed out that swans are usually capable of breaking any ice that forms around them.

“Swans are incredibly powerful birds,” added the spokesperson. “Please do not to throw items at the ice around the bird or venture on to the ice. This will cause the swan a massive amount of stress and you could injure the bird.

“If you are concerned about any waterfowl during icy weather please monitor the bird from a distance. If the bird is there for a number of hours without moving, or appears sick or injured in any way, then please call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 in the first instance.

"We will assess the situation and if there is a real concern we will contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for assistance."