FOLLOWING yesterday’s announcement that will see East Renfrewshire enter level four restrictions people have aired their views and concerns.

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the move yesterday which will see limitations close to a full lockdown with non-essential shops, leisure facilities, pubs and restaurants shut for three weeks.

A “short and sharp” period of tough restrictions was explained my Ms Sturgeon as a necessary step in a bid to loosen restrictions for Christmas.

We asked our readers what they are most concerned about following the news and they had plenty to say…

Unsurprisingly, schools were high on the agenda as the educations hubs will remain open during level four- a key difference compared to full lockdown in Spring.

Natalie McClellan wrote: “The fact schools are staying open yet the only reason anyone in this household has had to isolate is because of close contact in school.”

Eileen Horsley said: “Schools being kept open thus not eliminating the actual cause of the spread…”

Mike Hartley commented: “Surely if the schools are open then it is not a lockdown? What is the point?”

Concerns over the impact of lockdown restrictions on mental health was noted.

Robert Kincaid wrote: “Mental health within the community that is a higher priority than anything else but that is just my opinion!”

Ann Denovan and Pheonix Heron both commented: “My mental health” a great concern for many as East Renfrewshire move to the toughest tier on Friday.

Frustration over people not sticking to the strict rules was also highlighted through comments.

Jim Duffy commented: “Numpties who can’t see past themselves and won’t take any of the actions required to quell the pandemic”.

Mary Murray agreed, she wrote: “Eejits who can’t obey the simple rules.”

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