A BARRHEAD man is on track to smash yet another world record as he raises money for a cause close to his heart.

Prolific world record setter William Cannon has pulled on his trainers and weighed himself down with a rucksack for his latest fundraising effort.

He has set himself the target of using an aerobic step platform for a total of 21 hours over three days while carrying 15kg on his back.

William began his challenge on Monday and is due to complete it at 4pm today, with all sponsorship money being donated to the DEBRA charity, which supports people affected by the skin disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

The bid to set a new world record for ‘stepping’ is taking place outside the DEBRA charity shop at the Westbourne Shopping Centre, in Barrhead, with passers-by being encouraged to make a donation.

“I’m stepping on a step box, while carrying my rucksack, during the opening hours of the DEBRA shop, which are from 9am until 4pm,” said William.

“There aren’t any breaks allowed, so I’m eating on the go.

“My work have been great as they’re giving me time off to recover.”

Raising funds for DEBRA is especially important to William, after his dad David survived his own battle with skin cancer.

“My father suffered with melanoma and he only just recently got the all-clear after five years,” said William. “During that period, I began to learn how DEBRA helps people like my dad.

“I hope to raise £300 over the three days, with all proceeds going to the charity.”

Incredibly, William has already set more than 600 world records, having spent the last 15 years smashing all kinds of fitness, strength and endurance challenges.

These include the world record for the longest static wall sit, which went on for 12 hours and two minutes.

Later this year, he plans to complete a 24-hour stationary cycle event while wearing a rucksack with weights.

To find out more about DEBRA, visit the charity’s website here.