DEMOLITION plans for the former Clarkston station master’s house have been rejected by East Renfrewshire Council. 

Planning officers had recommended the proposal, which would have seen four shops built on the Busby Road site, could be approved as the building is not listed.

But most councillors on the planning committee voted to refuse the application.

More than 20 residents had objected to the development, with 10 letters of support for the plans.

An economic assessment submitted with Sabah Hassan’s application stated 10 to 20 new jobs could be created by the proposed development.

But Councillor Stewart Miller said there had been “really detailed” opposition to the plans.

“The station master’s son was in my class in primary one, so I’ve known this house for a long, long time,” he said.

“To build four shops on this site is an obvious overdevelopment, as many of the objectors have pointed out. There is no economic need and there is no economic argument.”

Councillor Miller, quoting the objectors, said the plans would have knocked down built heritage.

However, East Renfrewshire Provost Jim Fletcher said: “There’s absolutely nothing in planning terms to stop this going through. People are suggesting there maybe should be roads objections – there aren’t.

“It’s in line with the local plan. I think, on balance, I’d probably be supportive.”

They’re creating potential job opportunities that might be here for quite a bit in the future.”

Council officers had said the application complied with the East Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and “therefore should be approved unless material considerations indicate otherwise.”

They had also revealed the council had “limited control” over the demolition as the house is not a listed building.