Scotrail has slammed rail passengers for distrupting their coronavirus efforts, posting shocking images of rubbish left on one carriage. 

Stunned cleaners were faced with a dirty nappy, beer bottles, crisp packets and sweetie wrappers when they passed through the carriage last week. 

The shameful site was found on Friday's 13.06 service from Stranraer to Kilmarnock.

Barrhead News:

Scotrail tweeted: "Every minute our team spends clearing litter is a minute that could be spent disinfecting carriages.

"This was the state our 1306 Stranraer to Kilmarnock service was left in.

"Among the beer bottles, crisp packets and sweet wrappers, there's also a dirty nappy."

Barrhead News:

Twitter users reacted furiously to the pictures with one posting: "The absolute ignorance and selfishness displayed by some still has the capacity to surprise and disappoint me."

A Scotrail spokesman said the scene cleaners were faced with "wasn't unusual."