A BARRHEAD pensioner has been named the winner of a UK-wide poetry competition.

Isabella McCreadie, better known as Belle, has won the Advinia Health Care’s Poppy Competition, which aims to give care home residents the opportunity to express their memories of the Second World War through poems and drawings. 

Belle’s winning poem detailed her emotional recollections of the day victory over Japan was officially declared on September 2, 1945. 

The 85-year-old, who lives at Norwood Care Home in Victoria Road, said she was delighted to be crowned the winner and that when she sat down to write the poem, the words came easily. 

During the Second World Was, Belle and her loved ones endured hardship and heartbreak, so she told Barrhead News she remembers the relief clearly. 

She said: “My Uncle Alex fought in the war, as did many of our friends and neighbours - they were terrible times. 

“We were out dancing when the news came through, and it was wonderful to think the was was finally officially over. Remembering that moment came very easily to me.  It’s amazing to win this competition, I’ve told everybody.”

Advinia Health Care Homes was founded in 1999 and the network of 35 care homes run initiatives such as The Poppy Competition to keep their homes connected with their communities. 

George Dewis, wellbeing and engagement lead at Advinia Health Care Homes, explained that The Poppy Competition was very popular with residents.

He said: “We’ve found that our residents have enjoyed the chance to talk about their experiences in the war and to express how they felt in poetry and drawings. 

“It’s humbling for those of us born after the war to hear their stories and remember the sacrifice made by ordinary people all over the UK.

“When I read Belle’s poem, it brought a tear to my eye - you can feel the pathos in every line.”