PLANNING chiefs have given the green light for a new all-weather sports pitch at an East Renfrewshire school, despite concerns raised by residents.

Almost 50 objections to the application for a multi-use games area (MUGA) on playing fields at Netherlee Primary were lodged by neighbours, who fear it will lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance and traffic issues.

Concerns were also raised over potential glare from new floodlights.

However, Councillor Stewart Miller is among those who backed the plan.

He said: “The thing is going to be shut down at 9pm anyway. Most folk are not going to be in their bed at that time. It is not going to affect too many people.

“Not only that but the light spill they are talking about is very minimal.”

Councillor Miller also dismissed concerns about more traffic and additional noise.

He added: “I actually think this will enhance the area.

“I might be wrong but I think there is only one school in East Renfrewshire that doesn’t have a MUGA other than Netherlee. Why should kids at Netherlee miss out?

“I think it’s a wonderful facility for the youngsters.”

Councillor Angela Convery also said the development would be an asset for the local community.

“It will be a great success,” she added. “It will be widely used by the community and the schoolkids.

“There will be a loss of open space but it is only a small portion of it.”

A council officer said the current playing fields are often waterlogged during bad weather and the development would “extend the time the area can be used.”

She admitted there would be a loss of a “small” amount of open space but added that officers did not believe this was “significant.”

East Renfrewshire’s education department submitted the plans on behalf of Netherlee Parent Council, as parent councils cannot lodge planning applications.

A council report stated: “The applicant has confirmed that the multi-use games pitch will become part of the school grounds, with management transferred to the education department.

“Access arrangements would be via the school, as is the case with other primary school multi-use games pitches owned by the council.

“The gates would be unlocked outwith school hours and community access for clubs can be arranged through the school.”

Conditions attached to the planning permission mean the pitch can be used from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 6pm at the weekend.