A BARRHEAD business guru’s Facebook quiz nights – launched to boost spirits during lockdown – have become so popular that thousands of teams from all over the world now regularly take part.

Andy Dunlop and his wife Jenny have also raised £50,000 for charity thanks to the kind-hearted general knowledge boffins who eagerly log on from Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, as well as across the UK.

He even earned TV fame when he was invited by the BBC to test the general knowledge of celebs on The One Show soon after the quizzes were launched on ‘The Stayin’ Inn’ Facebook page.

Andy, the Business Improvement District (BID) manager in Clarkston and Barrhead, said: “I took part virtually via video calls and put the presenters and their guests – former Labour MP Ed Balls and comedian Al Murray – to the test.

“It was won, however, by presenter Alex Jones. It was great fun and I enjoyed doing it.”
Andy and Jenny, who have three young children, with another on the way, now host three to seven quizzes a week and regularly get 1,000 teams putting their knowledge to the test.

On one occasion, an amazing 2,500 teams took part.

Andy said: “It’s all free but we invite the teams to make a donation for charity. So far, we have raised £50,000, with £10,000 of that going to the Beatson cancer charity.”

One welcome spin-off is that, as the popularity of The Stayin’ Inn Facebook page grew, many people who were feeling down and lonely found it offered a way of boosting their spirits.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Andy. “A community group has developed with people – mainly from Scotland but also from around the world – messaging each other and offering support.

“Lifelong friendships have been created as a result.”

The success of the Stayin’ Inn page has been praised by Barrhead actress Briony Monroe and her parents Kirsteen and Peter.

They told the Barrhead News: "People have formed genuine friendships and it has been a wonderful distraction and brilliant way to combat the loneliness that many feel in lockdown. 

“We really look forward to taking part in these quizzes.”

The Monroe family thanked Andy and Jenny for all they do, adding: “It must take hours to compile these quizzes, as well as delivering them."