A BARRHEAD charity is dishing up support to East Renfrewshire residents hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bosses at the Include Me 2 Club have launched a new Community Meals programme, which aims to make sure those in need aren’t going hungry during this difficult time.

The charity has already gained a glowing reputation for its efforts to help children, young people and adults with additional support needs and disabilities.

Now it is expanding its services by delivering a freshly-made meal to scores of residents who might otherwise struggle to put food on their table.

Paul McIlvenny, of the Include Me 2 Club, told the Barrhead News: “Throughout the pandemic, we have been helping our members and we knew there was a lot of need there, so we applied for money from the Scottish Wellbeing Fund.

“The Community Meals programme provides a main meal, delivered daily by us. The recipient gets seven meals in the week, so it leaves no gaps, especially for those who are shielding or can’t leave their house.

Barrhead News:

“The plan is to make, cook and prepare the food at the McGuire Building. We are repurposing our new cafe and using it for what the community needs at the moment.”

Volunteers at the Include Me 2 Club will also be delivering more than 350 activity packs to children, young people and adults in the local area.

“We looked at how we can help those who can get out of the house to go to the shops but are struggling financially, so we came up with our activity packs that contain drawing and colouring-in books, as well as a pieces of pottery for adults to paint,” Paul said.

“We also have 150 gift vouchers for Asda, each worth £25, which will be distributed to residents to purchase essential items. This is in addition to our meals programme.

“It’s a multi-layered approach to help anyone in the community who needs our support – to help people cope that little bit better.

“Hopefully, getting these activity packs, having a meal delivered or receiving a voucher should help.”

The Community Meals programme is expected to run for four months, in the hope further progress in the battle to defeat coronavirus will have been made by then.

Paul added: “I want to say a big well done to the team for packing over 300 activity, resource and support packs and to our new Community Meals co-ordinator Elaine Stewart, who is speedily setting up our new community meals service.

“A massive thank-you also goes to our amazing team of volunteer drivers and delivery runners for making, preparing and delivering these meals to the most vulnerable and impacted members of our society.”

Anyone who thinks they would benefit from the Community Meals programme can contact the Include Me 2 Club by calling 0740 718 7205.