POLICE pulled the plug on a Barrhead DJ after neighbours complained about the noise from his weekly lockdown street party.

George Allison had been bringing Saturday night entertainment to residents in Lochlibo Crescent to help lift spirits during the coronavirus crisis.

But the 61-year-old music man was left in a spin when police paid him a visit to say they had received complaints.

George believes the vast majority of his neighbours enjoyed his street parties – and has hit out at those who wanted him to be silenced.

He told the Barrhead News: “For the past few weeks over the lockdown period, I have been able to lift the spirits of residents in the Lochlibo and Gateside area of town by playing music on a Saturday night, between 6pm and 9pm.

“Our community has truly benefited from this, as it has brought everyone together – and, during such a difficult time that we are all facing through the coronavirus pandemic, I believe this is very important.

“The majority of residents in the area have been extremely excited and grateful to me for doing this, as it had been the highlight of their week during lockdown.

“However, there are a couple of neighbours in the area who seem to disagree with this and have raised their concerns with the council and the police.

“This has resulted in the police putting a stop to our event due to complaints about noise levels, which is extremely unfortunate for us all.”

George said the Saturday night fun not only brought joy to the community but also helped to generate much-needed cash for a worthy cause.

He said: “We’ve not only celebrated birthdays and special occasions but, more importantly, we have helped one of our neighbours raise over £500 for the children’s charity CHAS.

“Some of the residents have discussed starting a petition to try to get it back up and running, as it has helped a lot of them cope with the loneliness of lockdown.”

Inspector Stevie Scott, of Giffnock police office, confirmed that officers were sent to Lochlibo Crescent after George’s music proved to be too loud for some residents to bear.

He told the Barrhead News: “Officers were called to an address in Lochlibo Crescent, Barrhead, on May 30, around 7.15pm, following a noise complaint.

“A man received a formal warning regarding the level of noise and the music was immediately switched off.”