A WHISTLEBLOWER has issued a plea for help over “useless” protection for frontline nursing staff.

In a video shared on YouTube, the nurse, who claims to work for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC), said they had no option but to remain anonymous, due to a “culture of bullying, fear and intimidation” faced by staff who speak out against management.

The nurse said the public needed to be aware of the “fragile” standard of personal protective equipment (PPE) given to workers in the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.

In the video, titled ‘NHS PPE exposed,’ the nurse demonstrates a type of mask given to staff and states: “This mask is not sealed. This mask does not have a valve or filter.

“There are numerous large areas exposing the person to breathing in any bacteria or droplets drifting or floating in the air. Numerous experts have confirmed these marks absolutely do not protect the healthcare workers from contracting Covid-19.”

The frontline worker also demonstrates an apron worn by medical staff, adding: “As you can see, it is extremely thin and fragile. This does not cover the head, arms or neck of the wearer.

“All of these areas are fully exposed to the potentially-contaminated environment. This apron only covers a portion of the uniform worn by the frontline worker.

“This apron does not cover any areas where the frontline worker’s skin is exposed to the environment, potentially contaminated with infectious bacteria floating in the air.

“Regardless of the supposed scientific expert advice, common sense dictates that this apron is all but useless in protecting the wearer from contracting Covid-19.”

The GMB, Unite and Unison trade unions did not reply to a request for comment on the video.

However, a NHSGGC spokeswoman said: “We’re really concerned to see a member of staff has felt the need to report this anonymously.

“Our staff are always supported to speak up if they are worried and we will make sure they are supported to do so. We want to reassure every member of staff they are free to raise concerns.

“All of our hospitals and community services currently have adequate PPE supplies and those demonstrated in the video are appropriate for droplet precautions, which is how Covid-19 is transmitted. The PPE worn is in keeping with both Scottish and UK guidance.

“We follow the national guidance on Covid-19, including the latest guidance issued by Health Protection Scotland in relation to what PPE is necessary for all of our staff. As per guidance, staff receive appropriate PPE for performing their duties.”


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