PEOPLE with coronavirus symptoms who are eligible to be tested are being advised to book an appointment at the drive through centre at Glasgow Airport.

Nicola Sturgeon said testing is being expanded and capacity is there to test key workers and their household if they have symptoms.

The testing site was set up in one of the large outdoor car parks at the airport. Initially it was for NHS staff only but has been extended to other key groups.

Staff take mouth and nose swabs for people though their car window and results are expected within 72 hours.

Barrhead News:

Currently those who can book a test slot are key workers, their households and those most at risk.

There is more capacity for tests than take up just now.

The First Minister said: “If you are eligible for a test, yes, book a test at one of the units.

“I would encourage people to do that, if they meet the criteria.”

Glasgow Airport is one of five drive through centres set up across Scotland.

Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, said testing had been expanded, including in care homes, although she said it was not the primary way of preventing care homes acquiring the virus.

She said the drive through sites had recently been extended to over 65s and those in their households with symptoms.

Those who can book a test are: “All symptomatic key workers and symptomatic members of their household over 5 years of age

“Symptomatic other workers who cannot work from home and symptomatic members of their household over 5 years of age and all symptomatic over 65s and symptomatic members of their household over 5 years of age.”

The categories of those eligible to be tested is organised in a ‘prioritisation matrix’ system split into four groups with NHS staff and care workers in the top priority group one.

Group two includes “Essential workers in “critical national infrastructure fundamental for safety and security, and life-line services.”

It includes police, fire and rescue, local authority staff, defence personnel and environmental protection staff.

Group three is “Staff directly involved in delivering other essential services.”

Barrhead News:

It includes staff providing child care or education for key workers, public transport workers, postal services, food retailers, construction court staff.

Group four is “Staff and volunteers in third or public sector organisations.”

Home test kits are available for people who are unable to attend a drive-through centre.

The First Minister also revealed the latest statistics for coronavirus in Scotland.

There were five more deaths registered taking the total hospital deaths with a positive test to 1862.

There were another 141 positive cases recorded in 24 hours taking the total to 13,627.

There were 1453 people in hospital a decrease of 31 and80 people in intensive care a decrease of two.

More information on the testing site at Glasgow Airport, who is eligible and how to book a test is available at here