KIND-hearted cops have donated Easter eggs to children at a Barrhead school.

Officers based at Barrhead police station paid a visit to Carlibar Primary, which is currently open as a teaching base for children of key workers such as NHS staff.

Sergeant Ross Wilson and Constable Heather Cameron were on hand to deliver the pile of chocolate treats.

Barrhead News:

Inspector Stevie Scott told the Barrhead News: “The Easter bunny, in the disguise of Failte Foods, called upon our police officers based at Barrhead to drop off a quantity of Easter eggs by Cadbury for delivery to the local community.

“Sergeant Ross Wilson and Constable Heather Cameron had the task of taking and distributing them to Carlibar Primary, which remains open throughout the spring break as a hub for the children of key workers from the area.

“The chocolate eggs were, of course, well received by both the staff and the children.”