A TALENTED trio of Barrhead sisters who hope to make it big in the world of country music hit television screens in a BBC documentary last week.

Honor, Tayler and Leona-Blue Logan – collectively known as ‘The Logans’ – starred in the revealing half-hour show, which featured some of their temperamental rehearsals and barnstorming gigs over the past year.

And the sisters’ natural camaraderie, along with an authentic depiction of the bumpy road to Nashville, went down well with fans of the country-pop group.

“The response has been just amazing,” Honor told the Barrhead News. “It’s been better than we could have ever imagined.

“The number of new fans we’ve made overnight, it wasn’t what we expected at all. It’s so wonderful.

“A lot of them have said to us they had been looking for something young and fresh coming out of Scotland and didn’t know we existed.”

Honor is also pleased the documentary showed the lows, as well as the highs, of being in an up-and-coming band.

“Being able to share our experiences as honestly as possible was really important for us,” she said. “I think we especially owe it to our younger fans to show the harder parts of our journey, so they can see how to come out the other side and just enjoy all of it.”

The Logans come from a large musical family of nine children who have lived together in Barrhead for more than three years, with the three youngest siblings attending St Luke’s High.

They grew up listening to hits by Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Johnny Cash and were drawn to the sincerity found in the lyrics of country music.

Honor said: “All three of us write together and it is a genre of music that lets us write honestly.

“Country is all about storytelling and it is connected with Celtic music, so we were able to bring that in and come up with a new sound, which was exciting for us.”

The sisters have now amassed close to 50,000 followers on Instagram and have another television show currently in development, which will follow their journey to the USA as they attempt to bring their Scottish roots to the American country music scene.

Honor added: “Scotland already has such wonderful, diverse young talent and we hope our fans will seek out other artists as well.

“We’re just really proud to be part of that and have a platform on the BBC where people can watch and enjoy us.”

The documentary – Meet the Logans – can currently be viewed on BBC iPlayer.


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