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A NEW sports pitch could be built at an East Renfrewshire school after plans were submitted by council chiefs.

The education department at East Renfrewshire Council wants to build a multi-use games areas on the current sports field at Netherlee Primary.

Proposals show how the pitch would be fenced off and floodlights would be erected.

There has been a mixed reaction to the planned development from neighbours at the Clarkston Road site.

Concerns raised include the glare of the floodlights on nearby houses, a possible increase in anti-social behaviour and the potential for parking problems to be exacerbated.

One neighbour said: "The multi-use games pitch shall be far too close to existing properties. If there are spectators, where shall they stand? In the lane right behind our property?

"We have ongoing problems with youths in this area, causing damage to our property and regularly have our recycling bins stolen.

"The police are aware of this situation, as there have been numerous reports made to them regarding disturbances."

The neighbour said the 10-metre-high floodlights would "greatly" affect those living in First Avenue, adding: "Many children's bedrooms are at the rear of these properties."

"The noise levels could be a huge nuisance to the area," the neighbour added. "Residents enjoy making use of their rear gardens but, if there is too much noise, I can see this being a real problem."

She told council chiefs their plans "would be detrimental to the area" as having a heavily-fenced area would make it "look like Fort Knox."

However, another neighbour is supportive of the plans, saying it could bring health benefits to young people.

"My house backs directly on to the proposed site and I welcome the development proposal," she said.

"I believe that the potential exercise-related health benefits for the hundreds of school pupils who would use the facility, as well as for other users, are substantial.

"I appreciate concerns have been raised regarding glare from floodlighting but I anticipate this would be noticeable most on dark evenings, when residents would tend to have blinds or curtains closed anyway.

"Further, I think this development would result in the space being used much more often.

"This may reduce the opportunities for anti-social behaviour that we as residents have often seen, as the space would afford less cover for loitering."