A BARRHEAD paper boy has delivered a positive message to his elderly customers.

To ease their concerns during self-isolation, 17-year-old Logan Bryan put a unique note in with their newspapers.

The letter instructs senior citizens that he is trying to keep them safe and they can leave payment on the doorstep for him or contact his mum’s mobile to arrange a bank payment. Very kindly, Logan also offers to drop off messages or essentials to anyone struggling to make it to the shops.

Logan has been delivering papers for four years, having taken over the family business, which has been running for 12 years, from his big brother Cameron.  Most mornings, he is up at 6.30am to start his rounds.

“People are happy to see me and some of them are there, waving through the window, when I arrive," said Logan "I have a wee chat with them sometimes through the letterbox.

“A lot of elderly people don’t want to give over cash and would rather leave the money out. I just put their change through the door.”

Logan has handed out notes before to let customers know if he’s going on holiday and someone else will be taking over his round.

However, the idea for the coronavirus letters came from his 48-year-old mum Laura, who works in the social sector and is aware of a lot of the problems facing the elderly.

“It’s just so hard with everything that’s gone on," she said. "Elderly people will be so wary and the families will be wary for them as well, so that’s what gave me the idea of the money bag and putting it through their door so they weren’t handling cash.

“We’ve been delivering to the customers for a lot of years and we know them really well. We just wanted to ensure we could help them in any way possible.”

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