AN East Renfrewshire hotel is offering free rooms to NHS staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Free rooms will be available at the Busby Hotel, in Clarkston,

The Manorview Hotel and Leisure group, which runs the Busby Hotel, has extended the generous offer to NHS workers who need to self-isolate away from family during the Covid-19 crisis.

Bosses took the decision after the hotel temporarily stopped trading earlier this month because of the pandemic.

Posting a message on Facebook, the owners said: “More than ever, we need to secure the health, safety and wellbeing of our NHS team.

“They are on the front line, helping us all and saving lives.

“We are there for them. Some of our venues are being occupied by our NHS workers.

“Our rooms have been offered to NHS teams on the front line and are open to any acute services team who wish to isolate themselves away from family and friends to care for our sick.

“This is at no charge to individuals.

“It’s a time for us all to act in a selfless way, to show humility and empathy and to help one another where we can.”