A BARRHEAD woman has set up a unique website to help people facing personal crisis.

Cat Divers set up Mypickle.org after becoming frustrated there was no help online to aid her through her own difficult times.

Mypickle’s aim is to help anyone in the UK facing crisis to find and access the support they need, when necessary.

Ms Divers said: “We crowd source and signpost services available nationally across the UK. We cover a wide range of topics including health, housing, work and money issues. 

“Last year was our first year and we made great progress. With the help of 100 volunteers across the UK we gathered more than 1,400 services already.

“Other websites attempting to cover sensitive issues can be too narrowly focused. Issue-focused websites often don’t show support for connected issues such as debt and mental health. 

“Solution-focused websites such as therapist directories assume that someone already knows what support they want, which often isn’t the case. 

“Location-focused websites often only list local services missing lots of valuable national support. Mypickle.org aims to make it quicker and easier to help users find help regardless of the issue or circumstances.”

Ms Divers gave up a successful career in insurance and has dedicated her time and savings into making her website get off the ground.

She said: “Our mission is to help anyone in the UK facing crisis to find and access the support they need, when they need it. Our primary aim is to make it easy to find support online. We also have longer-term ambitions to help improve access to services in other ways.

Ms Divers is currently crowdfunding until Friday, March 20 and can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at mypickleuk.

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