MORE than 2000 people have come forward to volunteer to help those self-isolating in East Renfrewshire.

Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire (VAER) has been inundated with support from across the area to help those in need during their self-isolation.

And with the uncertainty of what is to come as the country moves further into the coronavirus crisis, groups are calling on those who are at low risk from the virus to help deliver supplies to those self-isolating.

Ruth Gallagher, Chief Officer at VAER, told the Barrhead News that the response from volunteers has been ‘brilliant’.

She said: “The 2000 volunteers are coming from the Southside Self-Isolation Support Group which was set up on Facebook – we met with them as they came to an event we set up on Tuesday morning and the whole point of the meeting was to try and bring together those that are doing the volunteering groups, third sector services providers and other community organisations, bringing them together and saying ‘how can we coordinate this together’.

“It is brilliant that there are so many volunteers out there, so many people that are prepared to come in and help. Given that this situation is about containing contact with people, it is also about keeping vulnerable and isolated people safe, as well as the people that are keen to help.

“The response that we have been doing it about helping those in East Renfrewshire – along with the Southside Self-Isolation Support Group, we are going to link with them in with our group.

“Our main role is about supporting volunteering, community action and community organisation.”

Organisers are also providing support for people feeling lonely so will call or video call via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or Skype.

“This is absolutely unprecedented in terms of the support that people are looking for – especially for the elderly living on their own or those with additional support needs,” she added.

“As we move further into the pandemic, there are going to be more restrictions put in place, with more and more places closing and shutting down.

“The people that are normally out and about and keeping active, are going to be finding less things to do. One of the things we’re are looking at is, how do we make sure that there is still some form of contact still happening without putting the older population and other people at risk.”