A SCHOOL in East Renfrewshire will be closed tomorrow after a coronavirus case was linked to the school. 

Isobel Mair School and the accompanying family centre will be shut as a precautionary measure. 

East Renfrewshire Council confirmed a case of COVID-19 was identified but that the school will reopen as soon as possible.

A statement by the council reads: "Isobel Mair School and Nursery will be closed on Monday, March 16 as a precautionary measure after the emergence of a coronavirus case linked to the school.

"The school will reopen as soon as possible."

Cases of COVID-19 in Scotland have now reached 153 after 4240 tests were carried out.

Pupils and staff attending Woodfarm High have been advised to attend classes as usual.

The statement continued: "Class Yell and Unst pupils and staff who attend Woodfarm High can go to school as normal."