SOME teenagers dream of playing for Scotland, while others want nothing more than to star on stage and screen. But, for one Barrhead boy, he only ever wanted to be just like his dad.

Aaron Miller grew up watching his father Robert leave for work as a joiner and always knew it was the job for him.

When asked by career advisors what he would like to be when he left school, the then 16-year-old Aaron said “a joiner, just like my dad” – and that’s exactly what he did.

Now 18 and a third-year apprentice joiner with Barratt East Scotland, it's safe to say he's living the dream.

Aaron said: “My dad has worked with Barratt for more than 30 years, so when the time came for me to apply for an apprenticeship, my first option was to work alongside my dad.

“I knew there would be competition because many of my friends from Barrhead wanted to get into construction too, so I didn’t put all of my eggs into one basket.

I applied for three apprenticeships and was so happy when I landed my first choice and would have the opportunity to work with my dad.

“My goal is to become a craftsman – just like my dad – and, with Barratt, I can do that.

"I got to choose which tradesman I could learn my trade under, which was a surprise because I had no idea I would have so much autonomy.

"I love my job because it's hands-on and I get to produce something that will become my legacy.

“When I finally retire, my life’s work will be there for my grandkids to see. That’s the most rewarding part about this job – I’m making something that’s real and will stand the test of time.”

As an apprentice joiner, Aaron attends West of Scotland College and spends the rest of his time on the tools with Barratt, working on large-scale housing developments across the west of Scotland.

On completing his studies, Arron will have a HNC in Joinery and a full-time permanent job with Barratt.

When asked what piece of advice he would give to other young people who are in the process of deciding which career path they should choose, Aaron said: “In construction, you learn skills for life and that makes you incredibly employable.

"I’m learning how to build a house from scratch because I get to work with incredibly talented people, who are skilled in everything to do with the built environment. For anyone looking to embark on a career that has long-term prospects, construction is the one for you.”

David Scott, managing director of Barratt West Scotland, added: “We firmly believe that apprentices are the lifeblood of our industry. They allow us to keep delivering quality homes for families across the country which is why we want to invest in giving them the best training possible.”

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