A BARRHEAD activist has been thrown out of the Scottish Parliament after a protest during First Minister's Questions.

Sean Clerkin interrupted the session from the public gallery by shouting about budgets for homelessness services.

He shouted: "First Minister. You have failed the homeless. You are giving money to arms companies. The homeless need more money in the budget."

A police officer and two Holyrood security staff moved to escort him from the gallery.

As he was led away, with another man, he shouted again, "More money for the homeless."

Mr Clerkin has a history of protesting and publicly confronting high profile politicians.

In 2011, days before the Scottish Elections, he led a small group of protesters who confronted then Labour leader Iain Gray during a party election event in Central Station, about cuts and the closure of a community facility in the east end.

He also challenged former Tory leader Annabel Goldie ahead of a Conservative campaign event.

Jim Murphy and Labour-supporting comedian Eddie Izzard have also been subject to a Clerkin surprise. 

In 2017 he disrupted a Holyrood committee when he wanted to give evidence on a petition on the bedroom tax he submitted.

He has also filmed himself making videos challenging politicians. In one of the videos, he sat in a dark room and said he was "throwing down the glove of challenge" to then Labour leader Johann Lamont to face him in a debate.