A BARRHEAD mum claims she has been left “humiliated” after being struck off the register at her GP surgery.

Ashley Duffy, 29, was told she is no longer welcome at Levern Medical Group after breaking a zero tolerance policy over abuse of staff.

However, she had already lodged a formal complaint over the way she was dealt with, insisting she was “very publicly harassed and humiliated in the middle of the waiting room.”

The row stems from a visit Ms Duffy made to the surgery, based at the Barrhead Health and Care Centre, on January 29.

She claims that, while struggling to get an appointment over the phone, a member of staff had been “very impatient and rude.”

Ms Duffy also said that, when she used her mobile phone to take a photo of a staff member who refused to identify herself, she was warned the police would be called if she didn’t agree to delete the image.

She later posted comments on the ‘Barrhead Divas’ Facebook page, criticising the way she had been treated.

This led to a number of responses from other local residents who said they were also unhappy with the way they had been dealt with by the surgery.

There have also been other public complaints posted in Google reviews.

Ms Duffy told the Barrhead News the surgery’s decision to have her removed from the register won’t be the end of the matter.

“This is a massively talked about subject in Barrhead,” she said.

“I’m not going to have my name dragged through the mud when all they have done is be abusive to me, all because I wanted to get a future appointment.”

In a letter to Ms Duffy, Levern Medical Group said she was being removed from the register for “abusive behaviour” during a phone call to reception, taking a photo of a staff member without consent, refusing to delete the image when asked to do so by the practice manager and posting “derogatory remarks on social media with regards to practice and individuals.”

Ms Duffy particularly disputes the suggestion she posted on Facebook about specific staff.

She says she wrote a now-deleted post on the private Barrhead Divas group page about the practice but it was replies from others that named employees.

Bosses at the practice declined to comment when contacted by the Barrhead News.