FROM the glens of Dumfries to the cruelties of war, there’s very little Jenny Scott hasn’t seen in life.

But even she was in for a shock when family flew in from all over the world to mark her 100th birthday at a Barrhead care home.

The grandmother-of-five and great-grandmother-of-four was given the surprise of a lifetime when loved ones jetted in from Australia and America to mark the occasion at Parkhouse Manor.

Her daughter Alice Mackay, 73, told the Barrhead News: “It was a big surprise for her and she was a bit taken aback but delighted to see everyone.

“She’s always been a sociable person and so nice to everyone, without ever making a fuss.

“The staff at the care home do such a great job and make sure to celebrate every occasion there. She just loved it all, as well as getting her card from the Queen.”

Barrhead News: Jenny Scott celebrates her special day with Parkhouse Manor staff Leanne Taggart (left) and Brooke CurranJenny Scott celebrates her special day with Parkhouse Manor staff Leanne Taggart (left) and Brooke Curran

It was just the latest memorable moment in the mum-of-three’s long life, which began in Glasgow.

“When she was born, her mother died and she was sent to live with an auntie in Dumfries, as her dad couldn’t look after her,” Alice said.

“There’s a story about how her grandmother bought her a cow so she could have milk and it seemed to put her off the stuff for life.

“Her memory going back to her childhood is great and she still comes out with brilliant one-liners to this day.

“She moved back to live with her father after he remarried but he unexpectedly passed away not long afterwards. He had been a prisoner of war and eventually died due to his injuries.

“Mum is one of those people who never complains and is usually worried about people making a fuss about her.

“Sewing was her profession and she worked at Morrison’s, in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. That was once the store everyone who had money went to and she ran the workroom.”

Jenny had three children with husband Tam Bilsland – Alice, Helen 75, and Greig, who passed away eight years ago.

Sadly, Tam died when Jenny was just 48.

Alice added: “There have been difficult moments, such as when my father died. It was shortly after my sister moved to Australia and it left just the two of us in the house.

“Mum later remarried to a man named Jim Scott.”

After moving around Glasgow, Jenny eventually settled in Netherlee before making the switch to Barrhead two years ago.

“Mum has had a very full life and is so loved by us all,” Alice added. “She was thoroughly overwhelmed and overjoyed by the whole day.”

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