YOUNG people from East Renfrewshire have used their experiences of care to develop a new art exhibition.

The display, dubbed Character Building, has been created by the Mini Champs – a group of children aged from six to 14 who have care experience.

It is a collection of photographic portraits and sculptural games that explore the character traits that make members of the group, supported by the Who Cares? Scotland charity, who they are today.

The exhibition is being displayed at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, in Edinburgh, and has a unique interactive segment which uses a block-stacking game to showcase the views of young people from different backgrounds.

There is also a question-and-answer session designed to help provoke thoughts about what is most important for children and young people who are care experienced and how others view them.

The artworks were produced during a series of workshops at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and in the local community.

Councillor Caroline Bamforth, East Renfrewshire’s social work and health convener, said: “This exhibition is thought-provoking and offers the perfect opportunity for us all to reflect and learn more about the lives of care-experienced young people.”

The exhibition can be seen at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery until April 30.

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