A THUG faces a lengthy prison sentence after he lost the plot over a missing meal and stabbed a teenage boy.

The 17-year-old victim has been left scarred for life as a result of the brutal attack, which took place at a house in Newton Avenue, Barrhead.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard how Derek Anderson turned violent at his girlfriend’s home on October 20 last year because she hadn’t made his dinner.

She left to go shopping for food but, when she returned, Anderson had gone.

The woman then sent him a text before turning off her phone and going to sleep.

However, he returned drunk in the early hours of the morning and they began arguing again.

The 17-year-old boy, who was in the property at the time, went to her aid but Anderson grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him on the face and head.

Both the boy and the woman fled outside and the police were contacted, with officers advised that Anderson was still inside and armed with a knife.

When officers arrived at the scene, they spotted the boy standing on the footpath, with blood pouring from his head and face.

He was rushed to hospital, where medics used 10 sutures to seal wounds to his chin and the top of his head.

Anderson was also accused of attacking his girlfriend but he struck a deal which saw that charge dropped when he pleaded guilty to two others.

He admitted assaulting the teenager, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, by raining blows on his head with a knife, to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Anderson also pleaded guilty to behaving in a way that was likely to cause fear or alarm by shouting and swearing.

As he called for background reports to be prepared ahead of sentencing and remanded Anderson in custody, Sheriff James Spy told him: “This is a serious charge you’ve pleaded guilty to.”

Anderson could be jailed for as long as five years when he returns to the dock later this month to learn his fate.

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