VILE sectarian graffiti has appeared on a public footpath near Silverburn Shopping Centre in Pollok.

The shocking slurs, including "kill all huns", was painted on a wall in a public footpath near Boydstone Road.

The area is used by locals to access a housing estate and Silverburn Shopping Centre, reports our sister paper, the Evening Times.

Glasgow City Council said they received a report of vandalism on Sunday night.

The local authority added that a team had been sent out to remove it.

Local Councillor Kyle Thornton hit out at the vandalism and said the graffiti was concerning.

He urged locals to report such incidents.

He said: "Any graffiti is unacceptable but the sectarian nature of this graffiti makes it particularly concerning. The fact it has appeared on a busy path to Silverburn by a housing area with lots of families is also concerning.

"I’ve asked the council’s environmental taskforce to attend to this as a priority given the nature of what has been written as well as reporting to the local police for monitoring.

"Where people spot graffiti, I’d urge them to report it not only to get it cleaned up but help authorities build up enough information to catch those who are carrying out this mindless vandalism.”