FUNDING has been approved to transform a vital intersection for Barrhead drivers - days AFTER the roadworks started.

The £300,000 Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) will be installed at Hurlet Cross to reduce queuing traffic by continually adjusting the amount of time each light stays green.

It formed part of £1.15million approved from Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government to support Glasgow's Low Emission Zone.

But it was agreed on Thursday, days after Barrhead commuters were left in queues of 30-45 minutes at Hurlet Cross when the work started on Monday.

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Some drivers complained their normal 20-minute drives took nearly two hours. Others criticised spending on traffic lights instead of the condition of roads themselves.

Councillor Anna Richardson, convener for sustainability and carbon reduction said: “They will enable the installation of traffic control systems that aim to improve traffic flows especially on public transport corridors.”

Another £300,000 will be spent for a MOVA on Bearsden Road/Ilay Avenue in north-west Glasgow.

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The work is expected to be complete in early April.