Spain, USA and Mexico feature in the top 10 destinations for Barrhead holidaymakers in 2020, according to figures released by Barrhead Travel this week.

The agency reported a post-Christmas rush driven by cut-price deals with holidaymakers across the country flocking to their stores.

Jacqueline Dobson, president of the firm, said: “Yes, there was some caution around the uncertainty of Brexit and the Thomas Cook collapse.

“However, there is definitely a new optimism in the air and many customers seem to have made a New Year resolution to book their holiday early. We expect the coming weeks to be busy with so many fantastic deals on offer right now.

“January is always one of the best times to book. There are some incredible incentives on offer right now such as free child places, low deposits and genuine savings. Plus, booking early also means you have the choice of the best dates, hotel rooms and cruise cabins.

“Our top 10 reflect tried and tested destinations as people turn to brands and places they know and trust.”

Barrhead Travel also released their 10 ten fastest-growing holiday spots, led by Dubai, Bulgaria and Singapore.

Top 10 destinations for 2020 from Barrhead

1. Majorca

2. Orlando

3. Reus

4. Cancun

5. Antalya

6. Dalaman

7. Tenerife

8. Alicante

9. Zante

10. Barcelona

Top 10 rising stars for 2020

1. UAE 

2. Bulgaria  

3. Singapore 

4. Poland  

5. Iceland 

6. Maldives 

7. Australia 

8. Thailand

9. Portugal 

10. Turkey