THE best amateur snappers from Barrhead are looking forward to another exciting year at the Levern Camera Club.

Formed in 2016, the club now has dozens of members from all across East Renfrewshire.

And some of their best images from 2019 are featured here.

Snappers meet every week and enjoy competitions throughout the year, as well as trips to various locations.

Jim Clark, secretary of Levern Camera Club, said: “Our aim has always been to create an open, welcoming club where members are encouraged to help each other, share their knowledge and support those who are new to photography.

“New members are always welcome. We have a full syllabus of events which we hope will keep them busy over the coming months.

“Through contacts made at East Renfrewshire Council, we have over the past few years worked with several local community groups.”

Members meet at Fereneze Golf Club, in Fereneze Avenue, at 7.30pm each Wednesday.