KIRSTEN Oswald has declared that East Renfrewshire has 'spoken loudly and clearly' in its rejection of Brexit.

Ms Oswald bounced back from defeat in 2017 to reclaim the seat from Conservative Paul Masterton. 

The SNP claimed 44.7 per cent of the vote - larger than Ms Oswald's share in 2015 - as the Tories' dropped by just under 5 per cent. 

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Labour finished third but Carolann Davidson lost 14.3 per cent of the vote from 2017 as Andrew McGlynn increased the Liberal Democrat share by 5.5 per cent. 

Speaking after the vote, Ms Oswald said she believed Scotland and East Renfrewshire "deserves far better than Brexit". 

The area voted overwhelmingly Remain during the EU referendum and this is believed to have played a huge part in swaying the result towards Ms Oswald as voters rejected Mr Masterton - who was standing on a platform to deliver Brexit.  

Barrhead News: Paul Masterton speaks after the result is declared Paul Masterton speaks after the result is declared

Ms Oswald said: "It is very clear that Scotland has spoken loudly and clearly. 

"The verdict delivered here (in East Renfrewshire) is a rejection of Boris Johnson and all he stands for.

"East Renfrewshire deserves far better. Scotland deserves far better.

"It's clear that Brexit played a large part in this election and the people in this community and across Scotland have made their views clear. 

"We did not choose Brexit. We are European and proudly so and we wish to remain so.

"We need to decide our future." 

Mr Masterton congratulated Ms Oswald on her victory and said it had been an honour to serve the area.