ANDREW McGlynn has pledged to involve the local community in a bid to tackle climate change.

The Liberal Democrat candidate for East Renfrewshire says it shouldn’t be up to politicians to dictate how people combat the issue and, instead, wants to see the public getting more involved in the process.

He believes encouraging people to make small changes, such as buying local, would be a realistic way to involve as many residents as possible in the fight against global warming.

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Mr McGlynn said: “It’s an existential threat to human existence and you have seen that with flooding in parts of the country.

“Our party has a good approach but, if I am going to be entirely honest and critical, we in Britain only produce a small amount of global emissions but our consumption is much higher.

“Tackling climate change is going to be incredibly difficult. It threatens our way of life but we might have to change that.”

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Mr McGlynn, who studied environmental accounting at university, added: “If you are changing people’s lifestyles, you have to ask people what they would realistically change; what would not upset their lifestyle terribly much?

“There are still people who don’t believe in climate change and don’t understand the impact – but simple things can be done which have a knock-on effect.”