SNP candidate Kirsten Oswald has backed free tuition in Scotland as she pledged to give young people across East Renfrewshire equal opportunities.

Ms Oswald, who is hoping to regain her seat from Tory rival Paul Masterton, says she hopes to support schools in their work with students.

East Renfrewshire schools repeatedly rank among the best in Scotland.

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“We are very fortunate to have very good schools and, as a mum whose children go to school in East Renfrewshire, I know this myself,” the mother-of-two told the Barrhead News.

“I know the huge amount of work that goes in to try to make sure students across East Renfrewshire are doing as well as possible.

“I know schools in the Barrhead area have done an incredible amount of work with their students and they are outstanding in what they have done. That should be widely recognised and there are some lovely new school estates, which is also important.

“These schools are all exceptionally positive communities.

“We don’t want these pupils who have done exceptionally well to be limited by finance when taking the next step.”

Education is a devolved matter and the responsibility of the Scottish Government.

Ms Oswald is pleased that Scottish students get free university tuition, which isn’t the case in England and Wales.

She added: “Across the whole constituency, you have some talented and clever young people and they are able to take advantage of free education when they pass through school.

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“That opens up doors for them that would be otherwise difficult to open. It’s a huge amount of money they would otherwise have to pay.

“A big and important part of the SNP’s commitment to young people is to make sure tuition is fair.”