BALLOT papers will offer voters in East Renfrewshire four choices as they go to the polls tomorrow.

But, on the eve of election day, Conservative candidate Paul Masterton has reiterated his belief that the choice facing local residents is much simpler than that.

Mr Masterton claims voters can either choose between defending the Union and securing Brexit by backing his party or lose any chance of leaving the EU and potentially break up the United Kingdom by opting for SNP rival Kirsten Oswald.

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East Renfrewshire voted 74.3 per cent to Remain in the Brexit referendum.

However, Mr Masterton, who is hoping to retain the seat he secured ahead of Ms Oswald in the 2017 General Election, said the situation is not as simple as the numbers suggest – and he believes there are Leave voters waiting in the wings to back him against the SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

He told the Barrhead News: “The fact that the Brexit Party could have swung the result if they chose to stand shows the point that East Renfrewshire is not some unanimously Remain territory.

“There are a number of people in East Renfrewshire who voted to leave the European Union.

“My message to them would just be that the Prime Minister is committed to delivering his deal.

“It may not be your perfect form of Brexit but the reality is that, if you vote for any other party than the Conservatives, then the SNP will win.

“You will then find you lose Brexit altogether but, more than that, you may also find that you end up with a Nationalist for an MP and Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.”

Barrhead News: Mr Masterton faces stiff competition from Kirsten Oswald as he looks to retain his seat Mr Masterton faces stiff competition from Kirsten Oswald as he looks to retain his seat

Mr Masterton voted to Remain in the 2016 EU referendum but has since backed a withdrawal agreement secured by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The deal’s failure to pass in Parliament after a number of votes between MPs ultimately led to the calling of the first winter General Election since 1923.

The Conservatives are hoping to gain a majority to pass their agreement, whereas the Labour Party will offer voters a choice in a future referendum between a deal they secure or to Remain.

The SNP continue to oppose Brexit and say Scotland, which voted to Remain, is being “dragged out of the European Union” against its will.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, claim a majority for them in Westminster would be a mandate to revoke Article 50 – the constitutional trigger that initiated the withdrawal process. Mr Masterton claims, however, that a vote for him will also protect the United Kingdom.

He said: “You could find the Union being under threat and most people here would prioritise Scotland’s place in the Union first.

“They understand the risk they are taking by casting their vote for anyone else other than me in that respect.

“I understand completely that people are upset about Brexit and want it to stop.

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“They feel the other parties have no prospect of doing anything else but don’t want to vote Conservative.

“Ultimately, the choice in this election is the Conservative Party or the SNP.

“If you don’t want a second independence referendum and you want Scotland to remain in the Union, then you have to vote Conservative.”