A MAN is being prosecuted for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice...by sitting in his car drinking water.

It is claimed 45-year-old Mark Goldie broke the law in Barrhead.

Prosecutors claim he closed the windows of his car, locked the doors and pretended he had lost the keys so he didn’t have to take a breath test to determine whether he had been drink-driving.

Goldie faces a single charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice and is being prosecuted at Paisley Sheriff Court.

The charge against him states on January 28, at the rear of a property in Gateside Crescent, he refused to exit his vehicle when requested to do so by police.

The charge goes on to state he drank water “all in an effort to prevent the said officers from carrying out their duty.”

It is also claimed Goldie, of Essex, was on bail at the time of the alleged offence over another matter.

When the case against Goldie called at Paisley Sheriff Court this week, he was not present.

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew continued proceedings without plea to ensure Goldie is aware of the prosecution against him.

The case is now set to call next month.