OPENING dialogue between community groups and politicians can tackle local issues, says the Liberal Democrat candidate for East Renfrewshire. 

Andrew McGlynn believes although the role in Westminster may restrict the area’s MP to dealing with reserved issues, such as benefits and social security, he can still provide a voice on local matters. 

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Mr McGlynn told the Barrhead News: “I view politics in a very different way from a lot of people and for me politics is the local community groups.

“I want to reach out to these community groups and promote their causes by making the Liberal Democrats a vehicle.

“I strongly believe in speaking to these community groups and giving them a voice.

“There are hundreds of community associations and I didn’t realise how many there are.

“If we can build up the liberal movement in our area, I would like to be present and to listen to their concerns.

“But, we need to start reaching out to them before they start reaching out to us.” 

Mr McGlynn has put tackling climate change and improving mental health services at the forefront of his campaign. 

But, he also believes there are a number of issues which affect people across the whole of East Renfrewshire, whether someone lives in Barrhead or Giffnock. 

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He said: “Even if you are one of these stereotypical middle-class workers then you also have the issues of the traffic which is emerging from the new houses which are being built.

“That is affecting the public services because there has been a huge increase in demand.

“We have very much the working class who are not represented correctly in East Renfrewshire and I think they have been ignored.”