SNP candidate Kirsten Oswald has pledged to roll her sleeves up and deal with concerns over the benefits system.

The former East Renfrewshire MP says she will put tackling Universal Credit at the heart of her work if she regains her seat. 

She told the Barrhead News: “The benefits system causes people concern and headaches.

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“It makes people’s lives much more difficult than they need to be, often when there are already difficulties.

“So, (it’s important for people) to have someone there who will advocate for them and to go the extra mile to sort it out. 

“It’s about getting your sleeves rolled up and dealing with a situation as it is affecting a person.

“It is also important to see where the system can be changed and how it can be improved.” 

As the benefits system is a reserved power to Westminster, it is one of the key issues MPs can affect. 

Clarkston resident Ms Oswald said: “The SNP is very keen to make sure wherever we can get control of the different areas of the benefits system then we are able to do things differently and add some dignity into the process.

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“It is really sadly missing and I know it can be a really unedifying experience.

“It is a horrible thing that people have to go through these unnecessary systems.”