IT wasn’t so long ago Scotland and the Labour Party went together like cheese and crackers.

The party of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair dominated the polls for so long it must have felt like it was always going to be that way.

For half a century, it seemed unthinkable for Scotland to produce anything other than a sea of red come results day as the party won the largest share of the vote at every UK General Election from 1964.

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That was until 2015, when a wave of yellow nearly wiped the party off the map as the SNP claimed 56 out of the 59 seats in Scotland.

This included East Renfrewshire where the party’s Scottish leader Jim Murphy lost the post he had held for nearly two decades to Nationalist Kirsten Oswald.

Now, after four years of soul searching, the party’s candidate for the General Election believes Labour can win a majority in Scotland once again.

But Carolann Davidson said they can only win by shouting their policies from the rooftops.

Ms Davidson, who is currently a councillor in neighbouring Renfrewshire, told the Barrhead News: “Labour has to get louder about shouting out what our policies are.

“During the independence referendum, Labour didn’t shout loud enough that the places that voted heavily to leave were the places most benefitting from European funding.

Barrhead News: Former East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy Former East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy

“Places like Swindon (55 per cent voted Leave in 2016), for example.

“They were the ones getting masses of European funding but we were not shouting that loudly enough.

“We just need to get better at telling people what we are saying. It is frustrating and we need to go back to what we are as a party.

“Labour’s policies haven’t changed, we just need to get better at getting the message out.

“We need to get out and about.”

Launching their manifesto last week, the Labour Party pledged to create one million green jobs in the energy sector and through nationwide home refurbishments in a bid to tackle the climate crisis.

The new jobs will also come from hydrogen and tidal energy expansion, port infrastructure, tree planting, flood defences and plastics recycling.

Other flagship policies announced by party leaders include a promise of free broadband nationwide and a windfall tax on oil companies.

Ms Davidson, who represents Paisley East and Central for the party, is sure she can reclaim the seat and see off her Conservative and SNP rivals.

She said: “I have been a very active member of the Labour Party and only joined at the start of the independence referendum. A lot has changed since then.

Barrhead News: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled an ambitious manifesto ahead of the General Election Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled an ambitious manifesto ahead of the General Election

“Voting for Labour is a vote for housing, a Living Wage, jobs, greener housing, and you need to vote Labour to get rid of Boris Johnson.”

The former nurse and building society worker added: “We are the only socialist party. Nationalists say ‘oh, I am a socialist’ but you can’t be a nationalist and a socialist.

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“The SNP has stolen Labour’s policies and they are saying they are their policies.

“But they are not and they are just saying it so they get the votes.

“They then ignore all of that and start banging on about independence again.”