PAUL Masterton has pledged to help people “keep more money in their pockets” if he retains his East Renfrewshire seat.

The Tory candidate said the introduction of an increased National Living Wage, as pledged by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, will lead to a £4,000-per-year salary increase for many full-time workers.

He has also opened the door for a freeze on fuel duty.

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Mr Masterton said: “At the very bottom end of the pay scale we have the new National Living Wage and the Chancellor announced that will extend to over-21s because, at the moment, it is only over-25s.

“If you are working full-time on the living wage, that’s about a £4,000 per year pay rise but you obviously have a lot of people who are maybe in part-time work or they are doing two or three jobs.

“You also have people who are in that bracket which is just above the minimum and, often, you find those are the people who find it particularly tough.”


Mr Masterton added: “Whether it’s things like introducing a fuel duty freeze so that petrol is much cheaper, tackling fare rises on trains, which have been ridiculous, or paying for childcare, which I know from my own personal experience can be very expensive, we need to look at ways to help people keep more money in their pockets.”