ACTION has been taken after residents raised concerns about pigeon carcasses hanging from a Barrhead bridge.

The Barrhead News understands the dead birds have been hanging underneath the railway bridge at Barrhead train station over Paisley Road for a number of months, sparking major concern for people’s health and safety.

People have been especially fearful for the health of school pupils walking under the bridge on their way to and from school.

It is thought the issue has been caused by work being carried out on the bridge and the netting underneath - installed in 2017 and designed to stop pigeons roosting there - being temporarily removed.

Barrhead News: Pest control technicians remove carcasses from the netting Pest control technicians remove carcasses from the netting

But East Renfrewshire Council has now taken steps to resolve the problem and our photographer caught contractors removing the carcasses from the bridge earlier this month.

A council spokesman said: “Our teams have carried out a cleaning operation at this location and this area has now been cleared. Discussions are ongoing with Network Rail to try to find a long term solution to this issue.”

Deceased vermin hanging from the bridge has not been the only issue causing concern among residents.

Many are worried by the amount of droppings on the pavement below which are making the area slippy.

One resident described both the carcasses and the mess below the bridge as ‘disgusting’ and feared for schoolchildren and the elderly.

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The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The pavement is absolutely covered in droppings and the carcasses have been there for months. It’s disgusting.

“If I had a relative with poor health I would not want them walking there.

“It is also a school route and there isn’t really an alternative.

“I certainly couldn’t sit in the cafe nearby either and look at that.”
Network Rail were contacted for comment but did not respond when approached by the Barrhead News.

It is not the first time the subject of pigeon droppings has been highlighted at the site, with commuters claiming in 2016 the ground was thick with excrement. 

At the time, the council said the droppings were not causing a nuisance to the public.

And in July last year, people walking under the bridge complained of pigeon waste as thick as three inches deep. The council vowed to keep working with Network Rail to find a solution.