STOPPING Brexit and tackling the climate change emergency are at the heart of Liberal Democrat candidate Andrew McGlynn’s campaign.

The long-time East Renfrewshire resident and Strathclyde University accountancy graduate has pledged to reinvest money in local services “otherwise wasted” on exiting the European Union.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has claimed a majority return for the party in the General Election will be a mandate to reverse the Brexit process.

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Mr McGlynn, who joined the party after the Brexit referendum was held in 2017, is actively involved in the local area and has met with academics and community groups as part of his role as social media officer.

He is also the policy officer for the Scottish Young Liberals.

Mr McGlynn told the Barrhead News: “I have made campaigning for better mental health provision for young people my chief concern.

“I am deeply concerned by the foul language and bigotry that has emerged in politics in recent years and I am equally concerned about the divisions that polarise our society.

“I want to help transform this nation towards growth and stability, where we can feel proud of being Scottish, British and European.

“I believe that the EU and UK are imperfect but that we should not run away. Instead, I believe we should fight to make the EU and UK work.”


Mr McGlynn has also pledged to reform the UK tax code, introduce free childcare from nine months and transform mental health care.