KIRSTEN Oswald is confident her passion for East Renfrewshire makes her the right person to represent the area at Westminster.

The SNP candidate is again taking on Tory rival Paul Masterton as she bids to reverse her General Election defeat from two years ago.

Ms Oswald, who was East Renfrewshire’s MP between 2015 and 2017, believes the fact she lives in the constituency gives her an advantage over the other candidates.

She told the Barrhead News: “I spent a significant amount of time in Barrhead, Neilston and Uplawmoor and did try really hard to be immersed in the local community.

“I live in East Renfrewshire and it’s where my kids go to school.

“There’s something in having a MP who is really passionate about the local area and, even before I was involved in politics, I was a community activist.

“Having that absolute passion for the local area really matters and I never thought about going anywhere when I sought to stand for election again.

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“If you are immersed in the local area, you are better placed to know what the issues are that people face.”

During her previous spell in office, Ms Oswald campaigned at Westminster on the issue of pension inequality. She also fought for the UK to remain in the European Union.

She continued: “When I was MP in Barrhead, we had to do a lot of work to help people who were struggling with changes to the benefits system and the introduction of Universal Credit.


“Nothing else in your life is simple when you are struggling to keep your head above water financially.

“Having had the benefit of being able to do the job, you realise the range of issues affecting people is staggering.

“Everyone will have a particular issue which affects them.”