ON the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday, people of different religions from across East Renfrewshire gathered to celebrate their faith and honour peace.

A committed group of faith leaders and representatives from various groups met at the Rowantree Cafe, in Barshaw Park, Paisley, before walking and singing together to the walled Peace Garden nearby.

The event was led by Douglas Yates, chair of both East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire interfaith groups, who welcomed representatives of the Bahai, Jewish, Christian, Amadiya Muslim, Bhuddist and Quaker faiths, as well as the Peace Federation.

Each spoke on this year’s theme – Eat, Share, Love – in front of a small gathering around a fire pit, provided by the Friends of Barshaw Park, which gave a gentle warmth on what turned out to be a cold afternoon.

The walk back to the cafe provided those in attendance with some time for reflection on the words heard in the garden.

Once in the cafe, hot soup was enjoyed by everyone.

“It was evident how much these faiths hold in common and all have the golden rule of loving your neighbour, hating no-one,” said Mr Yates, who is a former Barrhead councillor.

“Many thanks to all who supported this annual event and especially to the Friends of Barshaw Park for their tending and preparation of the Peace Garden and getting the fire going.”

Remembrance Sunday marked the beginning of Scottish Interfaith Week, which runs until November 17.

It provides an opportunity for people across the country to celebrate Scotland’s religious diversity.

Anyone who would like more information should visit the website at scottishinterfaithweek.org.