A SEVERELY disabled woman has told how she feels like a prisoner in her own home after being unable to venture outside for more than four months.

Anne Shields, 50, has been “trapped” in her flat since July, after losing much of her mobility.

She has suffered from arthritis in both legs since March last year and the discomfort has become so bad that any kind of movement leaves her in agony.

Anne is now hoping to get a wheelchair and convince East Renfrewshire Council to help by installing a ramp at her home in Levern Crescent.

She told the Barrhead News: “I have severe arthritis in both my legs, which is very painful, and I have a lot of fluid in my legs, so that makes them swell. Moving is very hard.

“I wasn’t always like this. It just came on last year. I was always running about Barrhead and everywhere else, keeping busy.

“At one time, I was never in – always out and about, down the town or in Paisley or Glasgow. I loved going round the shops.

“It started last March with just the one leg, then it spread to the other. I was kept in hospital last May and I’ve just gone downhill from there. Now going out is only a dream.”

Anne’s condition means even answering her front door has become a problem.

She said: “People have came to my door and I’ve missed them as I’m so slow in getting there to answer it.

“It was my birthday recently and I couldn’t even go out for a meal or anything. I’ve just turned 50 but I feel about 150.”

Staff at East Renfrewshire’s housing department have been working with Anne to assess her situation and look at what can be done to make it easier for her to get out and about again.

Anne added: “I hope to get out again in the future. A ramp and a wheelchair would help.”

A council spokesperson said: “If council properties require adaptations as a result of health needs, an assessment is carried out by occupational therapists and recommendations made to the housing service.

“Required changes are then put in place, with a range of factors taken into account, including the suitability of changes based on the specific building layout.

“We are continuing to work closely with Ms Shields and partners to consider what options are available at her property to ensure we reach the best solution for all.”

In the meantime, Anne has taken matters into her own hands by setting up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a ‘smart’ doorbell that she can operate from her mobile phone.

Anyone who would like to help can donate online at gofundme.com/f/annes-smart-door-bell.