East Renfrewshire MSP Jackson Carlaw has said the Scottish Tories will not support a further delay to Brexit.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland on Monday, the party leader said that while he is in favour of securing a Brexit deal, an extension to Article 50 would be more damaging than resolving the issue and moving on.

The UK is currently due to depart the European Union on October 31, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisting the country will do so whether there is a deal in place or not.

"We need to work as hard as we can with our European partners to secure that deal, but if at the end of that process, our European partners and we aren't able to arrive at a fresh arrangement, then I think the time has come where we have to prepare to leave.,” said Mr Carlaw.

East Renfrewshire voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, with a majority of 74.3 per favouring remain at the 2016 EU referendum.  

"Another extension, another three months, with nobody really agreeing on what they would do during that or what the outcome would be, is far more damaging for Scotland, for the United Kingdom and for business, for everybody, than finally getting to a point where we resolve this issue and move on."

Asked whether he would be changing the position on Brexit set out by Ruth Davidson, who resigned as Scottish Tory party leader Ruth Davidson in August.

"Well, Ruth had a very particular view,” continued Mr Carlaw. "I think we did support the extension that took place in April, but here we are again, and we're no further forward beyond the fact that the Prime Minister is going to table fresh proposals.

"We saw some movement from (DUP leader) Arlene Foster as well, so I'm optimistic that the will exists both here and in Europe to arrive at that arrangement.

"But if we aren't going to get to that point, we cannot go on forever and I think the other thing that's been very important the last few months is the stepping up in the preparations because I accept there will be challenges, big challenges if we have to leave with no-deal.”