ANRGY residents have hit out at the Scottish Government’s decision to back controversial plans to transform a former Barrhead pub into a funeral parlour.

Proposals to convert the Hurlet Carvery were dismissed by East Renfrewshire Council’s planning committee earlier this year after concerns were raised over a lack of parking provision and the risk of congestion on local roads.

However, after applicants Sava Estates lodged an appeal with the Scottish Government, that decision was overturned.

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The ruling has been welcomed by a number of Barrhead residents, who are keen to avoid seeing the former pub being “left to rot” – but other people living at the Hurlet Cottages, directly opposite the site, have claimed their concerns have been “overlooked.”

One fed-up Hurlet Cottages resident, who asked not to be named, told the Barrhead News: “We are really disappointed the Scottish Government has overruled the decision made by the local council, which knows the area better than anyone.

“Given the unique set-up of where we are, we feel that for the Scottish Government to rely on Traffic Scotland’s assessment was unfair.

“There is the possibility of challenging this decision and appealing to the Court of Session in Edinburgh but there would be a cost involved with that. It isn’t something that we would do but we will definitely be keeping an eye on the situation.

“If our worst fears are realised and the traffic does become a greater nuisance and magnifies the problems we have right now with access, we will be making sure our voices are heard at both the local council and the Scottish Government.”

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East Renfrewshire Provost Jim Fletcher was among the councillors who opposed the funeral parlour application when it was discussed at the planning committee back in May.

He told the Barrhead News: “Local councillors tend to be close to their community and best placed to take decisions on local planning issues such as the funeral parlour.

“I am disappointed to see our local decision overturned by non-elected people in Edinburgh but I am most disappointed for the local residents who do not want this development and will have to put up with the nuisance caused by it when it opens.”