A NEILSTON mum has been left stunned after her daughter became an internet sensation, thanks to the Barrhead News.

Our online post about Lucie McDade’s first day back at school – featuring ‘before and after’ photographs – caused a stir around the world, with media outlets in a host of countries clamouring to share it with their readers and viewers.

Millions of people have now enjoyed the hilarious images – one of which shows five-year-old Lucie looking pristine in her uniform, with a neat hairstyle and a big smile on her face as she looks forward to returning to the classroom, while the other shows her returning home from school...with her tie and socks skew-whiff, her hair in a mess and sporting a serious frown.

Barrhead News:

Lucie’s fame is continuing to grow, with our story being picked up by the likes of Fox News and the New York Post in the USA, as well as other newspapers across Europe and as far afield as Argentina and New Zealand.

The Neilston Primary pupil was even invited to appear on the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5 and This Morning, on ITV, with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Jillian Falconer, Lucie’s proud mum, admits she has been amazed by the amount of interest in the story.

She told the Barrhead News: “It has gone everywhere. I’ve had people messaging me from all over the world. I’ve had contact from newspapers in Argentina, Denmark, Sweden and even Australia and New Zealand.

“I don’t think Lucie realises the extent of what is happening. She is loving the fame when she’s with her family but, when she’s out of the house, it’s a lot for her to take in.

“She was invited onto Clyde 1 but was too shy to speak, so we sent a wee video message afterwards, just to say that she was sorry for not coming on.

“Lucie was also asked to go on This Morning and she spoke to Ruth and Eamonn on Facetime before they went on air but, as soon as the show was about to go live, she went all shy again.”

Barrhead News:

Since being posted online by the Barrhead News, the story has reached more than three million users on Facebook, as well as collecting over 25,000 likes and 15,000 shares.
Jillian admits she had to chuckle when she arrived to collect Lucie after her first day back at school and spotted her dishevelled look.

“I was mortified,” she laughed. “I asked Lucie what she had been doing at school and she said ‘Oh nothing, I just played with my friends.’

“Her dad had messaged me from work, asking how her first day went, and I said to him ‘You won’t believe the state she’s in.’

“When she was getting her bag out the car and walking towards me, I took the picture. We can’t believe it has gone viral.”