OUTDOOR enthusiasts in East Renfrewshire are being urged to look out for a blue butterfly which is making a comeback after 40 years in decline.

Numbers of the Common Blue increased by 29 per cent last year across Scotland compared to the year before and people are being urged to look out for it in the hot weather this year.

Now, with the Met Office forecasting continued warm weather for Scotland throughout August, experts are predicting the Common Blue could see its best ever summer.

The Butterfly Conservation charity is also keen to see if 2019 will be a record year for the Painted Lady butterfly.

Once in a decade, millions of Pained Lady butterflies arrive en masse from Europe and Africa and people across the UK - including Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire - have seen huge numbers of them in the past week.

People are now being asked record their sightings as part of the Big Butterfly Count.

The Common Blue is not typically found in gardens, preferring unimproved grassland such as woodland clearings and even sand dunes.

Dr Zoe Randle, Butterfly Conservation’s senior surveys officer,  said: “Keep counting and we’ll reveal the total number after August 11.”

To take part, find a sunny place and spend 15 minutes counting every butterfly before submitting sightings at bigbutterflycount.org.

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