ROTARIANS gathered for the handing over of the chain of office for the Barrhead Rotary Club.

Last week, the group held a Handover Dinner event at The Pad in Neilston, where outgoing President, Angela Samson, spoke about her year in office before handing over the chain of office to Bob Flynn.

Mr Flynn paid tribute to the outgoing office-bearers, Drew Hughes as secretary, Gordon Oliver as treasurer as well as Angela Samson as president, then outlined his plans for Barrhead Rotary in the coming twelve months.

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He said: “Our local Rotary Club seeks to attract new members to increase its ability to raise funds and continue its charitable works in our local community as well as overseas.

“As President I will strive to work with other local groups and organisations to see how we can work together to benefit the whole of the Levern Valley.

“People of all ages and backgrounds may apply for membership to Angela Samson, our new secretary.

“Succeeding Gordon Oliver as treasurer is Chris Hughes.”

Barrhead Rotary Club welcomes interest from potential new members of all ages who are willing to participate in a variety of worthwhile fundraising projects.

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And through the club, there are numerous local groups and charities they support, including, Barrhead High School and St Luke’s High School’s competitions, Mary’s Meals, ACCORD Hospice, Salvation Army and the Poppy Appeal.

International projects for the club also include, Disaster Relief and Polio Eradication.

If you are interested in joining Barrhead Rotary, you can email