YOUNGSTERS got in touch with nature on a visit to Barrhead’s Water Works.

Pupils from St John’s Primary joined East Renfrewshire Council Outdoor Access Officer, Mark Brand, on a visit to the wildlife hub to sow seeds for a meadow that will bring more life into the site on Glasgow Road.

The primary one class made seed balls in response to the old meadows looking a bit jaded, and there is hope the re-sow will bring new colour into the area.

A spokesman for the council said: “The number of wild flower meadows has declined dramatically over the last 50 years with knock-on effects to insects like bees and butterflies.

"The P1s used a seed ball recipe of soil, flour and a wild flower seed mix of red poppies, blue cornflowers and yellow corn marigolds. The finished balls looked something like a Tunnock’s snow ball.

“The seeds will take about a week to germinate and will be in full flower by the time P1s start P2 in August.”

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